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We actively work with the realisation of our own visions. This by pursuing innovative solutions with usefulness in mind. 

Right now we are developing a platform, "drömuppdraget", with the purpose of promoting the connection between students and companies. 

More info: www.dromuppdraget.se

Build realations and gain new experiences.

We provide students with an opportunity to build relations withcompanies in correlation to their education.

Solve tasks and find new competence.

A majority of the tasks carried out in the companies required specific knowledge, not a degree.

Utilise the competence available on our universities and identify the future stars for your team. 

We are making ourselves busy creating a sevice with highest possible user value. As we love feedback we are happy to recieve any thoughts and ideas to design a platform that suits you. 


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or thoughts. 

Emil Pettersson

Innovation engineer


Simon Hellgren

Innovation engineer


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